It seems the Jews has another homeland besides Israel?

Posted by GizgazS on September 1, 2012


Has anyone ever heard of ‘Jewish Autonomous Oblast’?

It seems the Jews has another homeland besides Israel?

From an article posted earlier this week is this very interesting excerpt:

By the time of the 1930s, the Japanese were ready to repay the Jewish population by resettling an enormous number of them in northern Manchuria. When they did this, Adolf Hitler thought that this was a fabulous idea. He wanted to make sure to expel as many Jews as he could from Europe, and he helped the Japanese re-establish an enormous part of the Jewish population into northern Manchuria. That nation is still there today, between Manchuria and the former Soviet Union. Search for the term “Jewish Autonomous Oblast” on the Internet. It is functionally, at this point, like a dependency, a fiefdom of Russia, but the reality is that it is a pseudo-independent buffer state. It is simply not recognized by the United Nations, in a very similar way to, say, Kurdistan.

The Israelis don’t want anyone to know about this nation because they are afraid that all of the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world might say, “Well, that ‘Israel’ in Asia existed long before the Israel in the Mediterranean. Why didn’t/don’t you all move there? [H: This is where you can trace the Jewish mind control programs, back to the Khazars in Manchuria. Also, the “Communist” Asian origins began there, so the world could have “enemies” to fight, as the Global Revolution began to take shape.]

Jewish Autonomous Oblast


Thousands of miles east of European Russia,the Jewish Autonomous Oblast was founded in 1934 as a "homeland" for Soviet Jews. Given the objectives of the Soviet government at the time, this distant outpost seemed a perfect location.
Early attempts by the government to relocate the Jews to the Crimea and Ukraine had ended with a severe local backlash. To avoid local opposition the government chose an area where there weren't any locals. Unfortunately for the Jewish migrants, there was a good reason why virtually nobody lived in this region: the winters are extremely harsh, the roads were practically nonexistent, and the land was swampy.

Influenced by an effective propoganda campaign, and starvation in the east, 41,000 Soviet Jews relocated to the area between the late 1920s and early 1930s. But, by 1938 28,000 of them had fled the regions harsh conditions, There were Jewish schools and synagogues up until the 1940's, when there was a A resurgence of religious repression


after World War II. The Jewish population was essentially inactive until the late 1980s an early 1990s, when there was something of a revival in Birobidzhan.

Today, students can take Hebrew and Yiddish lessons, as well as Jewish culture classes at schools and two institutes in town. Most of the Jewish population has left for Israel, Europe or the US, and by some estimates only 3,000 Jews remain in Birobidzhan.

Jewish Autonomous Oblast is favourably enough located from the economic - geographical attitude on the Far East. In the west it borders with the Amur area, in the east - with Khabarovsky Krai. The direct affinity to coast of Pacific ocean and to the countries of this large region, including China, allows to have wide economic and cultural communications with these states to develop mutually advantageous trade. The area is the important transit part in transport connection of the European areas of Russia and the Western Europe with the countries of Asian - Pacific pool.



 by Ametrine 

Leading economic expert Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150,000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport.

In this video Jim and Paige visit the Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia.

Copyright Jim Rogers - provided as a special contribution to The Fenton Report.

Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAO) is a federal subject of Russia (autonomous oblast) situated in the Far Eastern federal district, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast of Russia and Heilongjiang province of China.





by SirWilhelm

This is just another Gulag, not much different from Siberia. I'd hardly call it a "homeland", especially since there are less than 3,000 Jews left there. And why would the Israelis care what any Arabs say about their where their homeland should be? I think it's anti-semitic to suggest the Israelis don't have a claim to the Holy Land that predates anyone else's, except for the Caananites, who are extinct. Even after the diaspora, there were Jews still living there, although under a series of foreign rulers, until the Jewish state was finally re-established. The borders of many Europeon countries have changed over the centuries, and as recently as the end of WWII, usually by the use of force, by conquest. Today, tiny Israel is a David in a world of many Goliaths that want to destroy it, and they have to fight to keep, what they retook by force.


 by John Bacon


In 1938 The Germans proposed to send all the Jews to the island of Madagascar. However, they decided not to because it would anger the French whom at that time was a colony of the French. Whether or not they proposed to send the Jews to Madagascar or Central Asia or elsewhere, is a moot point. The point is that they are in the Middle east and we had better deal with them there. The Progressives/Muslims (Jimmy Cater is a Progressive and so is Obama) always hated the Jews and tried to wipe them from the face of the Earth.



by Kenneth Ervin Dooley 

Just MORE truths coming out as "Expected"...but can't wait for "Disclosure"...Then ALL will be told and all this "Guess-work" going on.





by Barry Hesperus 

The plan to resettle Jews in Birobhizan was a pretext to involuntarily deport Jews from Europe promoted by the genocidal, antisemitic, dictators Stalin and Hitler, and I suspect that attempts to revive that plan now may reflect conscious or subconscious hostility to the Jewish people, as well as to the nation of Israel. The key line of the article is at the very end, "As of 2002, 2,327 Jews lived in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, while ethnic Russian make up 90% of the total population". Jews are far outnumbered by ethnic Russians in that region, and Jews from other places have no particular reason to wish to live there, it has no religious, emotional, cultural, or historical significance to most Jews, whereas many Jews believe that Israel is their Biblical ancestral homeland, rightfully given to them by God for all time. The Palestinians should make their homeland in the nation of Jordan, which already has an approximately 75% ethnic Palestinian majority, and perhaps share or divide the West Bank (Jewish Judea and Samaria( with Israel, with Jewish communities remaining under Israeli rule, and (only GENUINELY PEACEFUL) Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Israel being under their own elected government. Jordan is geographically much larger than Israel, and the Arab Muslims already control ALL other nations in the Middle East, and there are also many other non-Arab Muslim nations outside of the Middle East, so the Muslims and Arabs should stop being greedy, and, therefore, stop their hateful, vicious, attempts to drive the Jewish people out of their God given ancestral biblical homeland, the land of Israel. I recommend that the government of Israel let any Palestinians who are GENUINELY peaceful co-habit the Holy Land/Israel/Palestine/The West Bank, with their own independent government, two independent States co-habiting the same land, the Jewish Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs each with their own independent goverment. However, the Israeli government should promptly and permanently deport to Jordan/Palestine any Palestinians who engage in violence or who express any kind of hatred of the Jewish people; I really do not believe that haters and violent people belong in the Holy Land, irregardless of how long their ancestors may have lived there, because the Holy Land is meant by God to be a beacon of peace and love, not an abode for savages.




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